• TH-MS 2112 Vartomas Pjūklas 4300295
  • TH-MS 2112 Vartomas Pjūklas 4300295
  • TH-MS 2112 Vartomas Pjūklas 4300295
  • TH-MS 2112 Vartomas Pjūklas 4300295

TH-MS 2112 Vartomas Pjūklas (4300295)

  • High-quality HW saw blade.
  • For sawing wood, laminated panels and plastics
  • Work table made of die-cast aluminium
  • High-quality alu-turntable with exact angle adjustment
  • Saw head is infinitely tiltable to the left
  • Workpiece supports on both sides
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Equipped with a carbide saw blade in professional quality, the TC-MS 2112 crosscut and miter saw is quickly available to carry out minor jobs such as making crosscuts and miter cuts in workpieces made of wood, laminated panels and plastics. The high-quality work table made of die-cast aluminium comes with an exact angle adjustment facility which can be latched single-handedly in various positions. The table insert is equipped with a practical scale for reading off the workpiece width easily from the working position. While workpiece supports on both sides and a reliable clamping device ensure exact operation, a cutting depth control facility permits even more challenging jobs to be performed with ease. The carbide-tipped saw blade in professional quality offers a cutting capacity of over 200 m in particleboard and is easily changed thanks to a spindle lock. A sawdust bag keeps the workplace clean and a transport brace ensures easy and safe transportation.

įtampa230 V | 50 Hz
galia1400 W
Apsisukimų skaičius5000 min-1
pj.diskasØ210 x Ø30
Taškų dantų48
jaki instrument?-45° - +45°
vartomas pjūklas-45° - +0°
Pjovimo plotis 45 x 4580 x 32 mm
Pjovimo plotis 45 x 90120 x 32 mm
Pjovimo plotis 90 x 4580 x 55 mm
Pjovimo plotis 90 x 90120 x 55 mm
Maks. moc (S6 | S6%)1600 W | 40 %
logistikos duomenys
Svoris netto (kg)7.3
Bendras svoris (kg)8.85
Ilgis (mm) - ipakavimas483
Plotis (mm) - vienkartinis pakavimas320
Aukštis (mm) - vienkartinis pakavimas295
Ilgis (mm) - pakavimas480
Aukštis (mm) - pakavimas290
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